The German Patent System - Focus on Technical Expertise


Due to the rigorous examination procedure in German patent law, it is vital for applicants to have patent attorneys at their side who have had extensive technical training and industry experience. When applying for a patent at the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA), foreign clients need to be represented by qualified patent attorneys who have gained a university degree in engineering or natural sciences. In order to qualify as a German patent attorney, one must have practical experience in industry as well as an additional three years of legal training.

All patent attorneys at Olbricht have wide-ranging technical and scientific expertise spanning from physics, mechanical engineering and electronics to chemistry, life sciences, pharmacology, biotechnology and medical technology. We also have vast experience in guiding our clients through the dual-court system should it be necessary to defend against an opposition proceeding or invalidity claim. Our sharp focus on technical expertise makes Olbricht the ideal partner for our clients’ prosecution and litigation requirements.