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Nalan Isler

Corporate Development Manager

Working at Olbricht Patentanwälte since 2014.

Practical Experience: Office & Recruiting Manager in the field of Investment Banking.

At Olbricht, Nalan Isler is the link between the attorneys and the assistance team. She is occupied with the structuring and optimization of the day-to-day workflow in our firm’s office and supports the managing partners in the development and implementation of corporate strategy. Also belonging to her field of work is the quality management of employee and organizational development, human resources management and recruiting, as well as the shaping and implementation of our market presence.

In other words, Nalan Isler supports and alleviates the managing partners and ensures that they are able to devote their attention to their primary focus: advising and guiding our clients.

"Without possessing enthusiasm and motivation, you would be unlikely to even think of trying to push yourself to the limit with something like climbing, which demands determination and perseverance. Enthusiasm is another important quality that any climber should possess if they want to succeed. Climbing provides me with the opportunity to be creative. It demands the entire capacity of my body and it forces me – as each point on a climbing wall or rock face is different – to constantly adapt to something new. The view from the top is great too!”