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Firm History


Our firm was founded in 1967 by patent attorney Karl Olbricht (Dipl.-Phys.) in Munich, Germany. Mr. Olbricht moved the young firm to Weimar (Lahn), next to the university town of Marburg in 1972.

Starting from 1993, he began passing on his professional expertise and extensive experience on to the next generation. The individually run firm became a partnership under the name of “Olbricht & Buchhold Partnerschaft” when Jürgen Buchhold (Dipl. Phys.) completed his qualification as patent attorney in 1997.

Robin Keulertz (Dipl.-Ing.) began his career as a patent attorney under the supervision of Mr. Olbricht in 2005. Following the latter’s retirement, Mr. Buchhold and Mr. Keulertz pursued the partnership under the name “Olbricht Buchhold Keulertz Partnerschaft mbB” and opened a branch in Frankfurt am Main in 2009.
This branch became the main office when patent attorney Matthias Rathert (Dipl.-Ing.) joined the team in 2012. At the end of the same year, we acquired the firm of our late colleague Dr. Willi Schickedanz.

In 2014, Karsten Rachow (Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing.) returned to our firm after completing his qualification as a patent attorney.

Henning Erb (Dipl.-Ing) and his clients joined our firm in 2015. Henning Erb was previously a partner at the firm Beyer & Jochem, the foundations of which can be traced back to 1900. Henning Erb and Jürgen Buchhold have known each other since they began training as patent attorneys together in 1993.

The start of 2016 saw the expansion of our firm into a second office in Essen, Germany.